Turntable Heavyweight Champions


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Turntable Heavyweight Champions AK Productions, ION and Interplanetary

Turntable Heavyweight Champions

Bombus Radio will be broadcasting live at the Turntable Heavyweight Champions event


Cluster Studios 3881 Steele St. Denver, CO 80205


Download the app and tune in starting @ 9pm (MST) for this special broadcast. This unique event will showcases 8 hrs of versus match up sets from: DESIGNER DRUGS vs SPL, Reid Speed vs Lucy Luxe, Chris Karns vs ShakeOne, Danny the Wildchild vs Shua, Rel 1 vs J Double, and Dsgise vs Ill_icet, along with your HOST SLIM_R_I. This 21+ event will have a full bar until 2:00 AM produced by Denver's AK Productions, ION and Interplanetary.

It's not just a radio station...it's an education. Come with an open mind.

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